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Lane Cawthon


Dr. Lane is a chiropractor who has taught Taiji for more than 15 years in China and the USA. He helps athletes, patients, the elderly and martial artists improve health, wellbeing, fitness, self-defense skills, stress management skills, biomechanics, balance and athletic performance through this ancient practice.

An international gold medalist, he has taught at hospitals, office spaces, gyms, retirement centers and public parks and has used Taiji movements with patients to rehabilitate and prevent injuries.

Having postdoctoral certifications in neurology, nutrition, herbal medicine and various therapeutic approaches, he holds Doctor of Chiropractic and Bachelor of Science (Anatomy) degrees. Beginning private practice in Dallas, Texas in 1998, he moved to Beijing in 2012 and is relocating to Kaua’i. His passion involves offering in-depth training for people to develop healthy, functional relationships with their own bodies for personal health and development.